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A place of meeting for people searching for a view on the evolutionary phenomenon more adapted to the 21st century and beyond the controversy between Darwinism and creationism. We will appreciate any contribution of related information, as well as your commentaries on "Cosmos y Gea. Fundamentos de una nueva teoría de la evolución" ("Cosmos and Gaia. Foundations for a new theory of evolution") by Francesc Fígols

Publisher: Editorial Kairós. Barcelona.

First edition: April 23rd, 2007.

Collection: “Nueva Ciencia”. 338 pages, 14 color plates.


Francesc Fígols said...
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Francesc Fígols said...

Creationism against evolutionism is a sterile and confusing controversy.
First of all, we should wonder: Is Darwinism the same thing as evolutionism? Today there is a great confusion fed by the same followers of Darwin, which consists of identifying their theory with the same concept of evolution. Thus, when somebody attacks the theory, is called anti-evolutionist or is blamed with the stigma of creationist.
But objective science declares that evolution (a common ascent for all animal organisms) is a historical fact and a fully documented process, whereas Darwinism is only a theory that proposes natural selection as the principal mechanism for explaining evolution, with the assumption of a spontaneous generation of life.
Anyone who concentrates on the world-wide controversy that today has begun between scientists who defend the synthetic theory of evolution(neodarwinists) and those who deny this theory by means of interpreting the Bible (creationists) or by means of defining a "intelligent design", will end up saying: the fact of evolution is far from our understanding.
In this controversy, the confusion from both parties is evident. The supporters of natural selection do not limit themselves to defending their particular interpretation of evolution, for they tend to identify themselves as the only ones who claim to be evolutionist, the only ones that have the right to speak. The creationists, for their part, not only try to dismantle the mechanicist arguments of the first ones, but taking advantage of the mysteries that still survive in the geological history, end up by rejecting the whole set, the fact of evolution itself.
A factor that aggravates the situation is the trend, present in the allegations of both parties, to exclude any other possibility or third route. This is a reaffirmation of the fashion of the latter decade, which consists of dividing mankind, at all levels, into two irreconcilable parties of good people and villains.
It seems to be obvious that this controversy is turning out completely sterile, since each one is reaffirmed in his ideological position whereas big scientific mysteries on evolution still survive, because none of both parties contribute with new ideas.
Many biologists are quick to say that the only alternative to Darwin is creationism, when they feel weak in their arguments. But the real alternative is to begin to recognize the current state of our ignorance, as the first step in the search of a new interpretive model.The author of "Cosmos y Gea" believes that we do need a new scientific theory on evolution, a third route able to face firmly the mysteries and the enigmas that we drag with us for more than a century and a half. I dare to say that with the scientific expositions of this book, this theory begins to be within reach.

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